Kristi Sobhe

Chief Operating Officer

Little girls normally have very big dreams. Just ask any one of them, and they will share that one day they will . . . . Rarely does a kid grow-up and say, I want to be less than what I can truly be. Funny how so many of us end up doing just that–becoming less than we truly are.

The odd thing about growing up is that our childhood dreams have a strange way of lingering and slowly dying when we are only partially committed to making them a reality. Mind you, dream creation is not for the weak of heart or for those who have little determination. Making a dream come true is definitely for someone who knows what they want and who won’t give up on it.

Stamina, courage and fortitude make a dream real. And it takes a lot of work. The more you do, the more you thrust yourself into the spotlight, the better your chances of turning your dream into a reality.

When your life begins in a small town in Northern California, the big city looks pretty darn shiny with all those lights. Kristi knew that if she wanted to make her dream of success a reality, she would have to leave the safety of her hometown. If she wanted to be seen, she would have to do the work that would get her onto the stage where spotlights abound. Los Angeles proved to be the best training ground for all the hard work and pushing past boundaries, the proverbial climbing of the ladder for Kristi.

Her success began in the trenches as an administrative assistant. You know that hard work part that usually thwarts a dream. Starting at the first rung in the ladder of a career and slogging your way through the trenches to gain the experience that puts the spotlight directly on you and your abilities became Kristi’s path while living among so many others in the big city.

Determination became her shield: a strength that had to be used like a muscle. The more work it got, the stronger it became. Day by day, Kristi’s tiny wins became leveling up one job for the next. Eventually, she developed the skills that led to a top rung: Director of Operations at a quarter billion dollar real estate management and investment firm in West LA–no small achievement in a world filled with people looking to do better, learn more, and show they are the best choice for the job.

Watching others struggle to survive both at home and in the big city, Kristi gained clarity about the power of money over one’s life. Seeing people work hard and not get anywhere ignited her passion for helping others–particularly young women who could so easily get caught in the trappings that keep most at their day jobs–rent, food, living expenses, maybe a night out on the town. Her passion for sharing what she had learned made her someone to listen to, someone who has seen the underbelly of business in Los Angeles, worked in it, and learned how to thrive within it.

She has been fortunate to be blessed with the gusto and vigor to keep going despite the obstacles that came her way. She saw many young women who didn’t have that same joi de vive. Life can be very challenging and none of us get out alive. Most of us are quite scathed by the fires that are the trials and tribulations we encounter. Wanting her financial freedom, Kristi learned all she could, worked to apply the techniques and strategies that big businesses do to stay financially lucrative, by doing this, she ensured her escape from the perils of debt.

Kristi discovered that the more she learned about money and running a large-scale business, the sharper her senses became at understanding how to accomplish big goals while maintaining a tight budget. It’s one of the many reasons she works so well with her husband, Ash. At R6S, she manages the day to day practicalities of being a successful business, and he makes the connections that build an empire.

Of course, nothing much else matters when a beloved becomes sick, and you are their lifeline. What do you do when there is nowhere else to turn? You find a way to bolster strength with belief and tremendous faith in yourself and them. Instead of backing down, your spine becomes stiff as your body and mind become incredibly resilient. Then you notice that you’ve become the change you want to see in the world. So when life turns a corner, and your beloved recovers, realization sidles up to you and says, “You can help others do what you have done.”  Or, as Yoda so eloquently stated, “Pass on what you have learned.”

R6S is dedicated to passing on what has been learned, so others may take on their wildest dreams and turn them into a reality. Every kid deserves to have their dreams come true, no matter how old that kid is.

Ash Sobhe

Chief Education Officer

Actions speak louder than words. If you want to be taken seriously, your actions must speak for themselves.

Why? Actions substantiate your commitment–the skin in the game–to put yourself on the line and to be held accountable. When you’re an influencer, someone like Ash Sobhe, you put yourself out there. You put your knowledge, time, and your wealth on the line–you put skin into the game.

Your plan is outlined by your words. But words alone are empty if they are not married to actions that prove your intentions–thus demonstrating your commitment and conviction–because what you say and do become the deeds that either make or break you.

By showing up and engaging people around town, at networking events, the declaration you made to help local charities, nonprofits, and businesses puts you at the forefront. People want to meet with you and hear your story. Your deeds–the promises you’ve made to your community– are put forth for others to see that what you say you do, you do.

When actions speak louder than words, the deeds performed become notable. When your work helps others rise, that’s when sharing the good makes others want to do more, to do better for themselves and for others. That’s when a person becomes brave in deed.

Driven to Succeed

For someone like Ash Sobhe, whose family has moved many times all around the world over the years, who has been surrounded by family that demanded he do more to survive than most; a kid who earned straight A’s because school was his refuge; a teen who took apart his family’s computer more than once, broken it more often than not, and put it back together more times than his father can count, you might think coming to a new town is breeze–easy to do without a glitch. Well, you can be forgiven for thinking that.

Moving to a new town is never easy. New people and places, having to start all over again. No matter who you are, coming into a small community, not knowing anyone, is hard. So what do you do? When you’re someone who has built two successful businesses and made a living building big brands through advertising and marketing, you open yourself up to possibility and say, Hello Reno. Happy to be here. Can’t wait to meet you all–on social media of course, thank you LinkedIn.

Then you start, in earnest, to demonstrate your intentions by sharing people’s stories, like Howard McElroy’s, and helping the community learn more about the nonprofits and charities that work so very hard to help our community–thank you Rave Family Foundation, Nevada Youth Empowerment Project, and Eddy House. You boost others’ businesses by visiting with them and sharing your marketing expertise–cause your business portfolio includes Lamborghini, UCLA, and StateFarm. You meet everyone who wants to meet with you with a schedule that takes time away from your own family–and you do it all with an enigmatic smile and a grateful handshake.

Humble in Manner

For Ash, it’s all about doing the most with the time you have available because the saying, “Tomorrow is not promised” is a reality for you and your wife. See Ash has a health problem that hasn’t been solved or healed. It began in 2014.

One day Ash woke up and had difficulty seeing out of his left eye. He still went to work at his successful marketing and IT firm–regardless of the headaches and other symptoms that his body presented. He didn’t listen to warning signs. He powered through them.

After all, when you’re an individual like Ash, an introvert by nature, who understands computer components, code, and SEO better than most people understand their native language, and you’ve created a million-dollar IT and marketing company, you have to go to work. It’s not in your nature to stay home and take care of your health. Not after you’ve spent years building a business, and years before that going to Cal State University Northridge and getting your bachelor’s in business with a focus on Information Systems, while, of course, building your own successful company and teaching classes. After graduating, Ash went back to Cal State University Northridge top teach graduating students how to make money utilizing social media. In this class the students make $25K. When the students found out Ash’s background story and his health issues, they decided to donate  every penny to Children’s Hopital to make the giving back circle come all the way back around.

Staying home and resting, allowing the body to heal, was not something that Ash did. He disregarded the pain and anguish–until he dropped like a rock. That’s when the doctors performed an MRI and found lesions in his brain, but they couldn’t give him a diagnosis, and they didn’t fix what was wrong either.

Funny what we take for granted, isn’t it? What do you do when a doctor tells you “There’s nothing we can do for you. You are dying. You may have 6 months to live or 60 years – we just don’t know.”

Well, what Ash did was take a few steps back and re-evaluated his priorities and decided to take a different path then the path he was on.  He decided that making money for the sake of success wasn’t success at all. That’s the reason he decided to take everything he had, his knowledge, his marketing and business expertise, and his drive to succeed and spend his time showing others how to make their own dreams of success a reality.

And that’s when you’re invited to speak at TEDx Talk at Cal Poly Pomona University.

R6S was created out of a need to give back, to share, to pay it forward.

The platforms that make-up R6S share the “how to” of success without giving up the things in life that truly make success worth having and working toward.

Humble in manner, Brave in deed, Driven to succeed

Of course, no one does this alone. Usually, where there is a great man, there is one strong woman–a wife in this case–standing next to him.

Bryan Nunez

Creative Designer

We all have that moment – that moment when we have a vision and are ready to chase our dreams. When Bryans moment arrived, he decided there were no more excuses and that he was ready to build an empire.

Bryan is an introvert at heart and is constantly pushing himself outside of his comfort zone in order to grow, lead and help others. After high school, Bryan realized his love for visuals and decided to pursue a career in the industry. After a lot of thought and discussion, he decided that he was ready to enter the world of videography and that this would become his passion. After a meeting with Ash, Bryan was clear on his direction of and was determined to work with R6S. Through his determination and grit, he finally joined forces with R6S as the Creative Director of the R6S DocuSeries. He continues to help build the R6S empire and is known to quote Russ Diemon when talking about work ethic “You got million dollar goals but your work ethics a penny.”

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