What is the R6S Accelerator?

The R6S Accelerator is a partnership between R6S and your business with the goal of accelerating your business in three areas: Money, Marketing, and Management. In this intensive program, accepted businesses will receive personalized attention and custom reviews regarding what’s working for the business and what needs to change in the business for further success to be realized.

R6S uses every means at our disposal to help our accepted businesses prosper–pushing limits and launching grander visions for companies who are ready for change. Our personalized plans and in-person assistance are the reasons we accept about 3% of applicants into our portfolio as a partnership. In turn, accepted businesses will be asked for a *revenue share between 6% – 8% for 18-36 months.

  • Every business is unique. Revenue share percentages and length of time are all dependent upon the needs of the business. Each accepted business will be individually reviewed and assessed.
  • While we can’t guarantee success or growth, our absolute number one goal is to help your business thrive. To that end, we will share our knowledge to help your business.

Why Does My Business NEED the R6S Accelerator?

We’re fellow business owners who’ve hit snags, sought help and reached for the stars–touched them too. We’ve witnessed hundreds of businesses excel while others have withered away.

When a successful serial entrepreneur invests in you and your business, they share their knowledge and strategies, applying their business finesse to your company. With the help of R6S, you can establish and implement new processes and develop trainings for your team that will accelerate your business to the next level.

That’s why our intention with the R6S Accelerator Program is to put our business acumen, our marketing expertise, and trusted personnel mentorship to the best possible use. The program is designed to build companies that serve our community, which enhances our local economy by making it stronger, more desirable, and able to shift with varying economic tides.

How Do I Start and What Is the Process?

Step: 1

For the application, you will need to know the following:

  • You must be the owner and/or majority partner(s) to complete the application. You must have the authority to make all the changes and do everything asked in working with R6S to help accelerate your business.
  • If the business is a partnership, you will be asked to share how many partners and percentage owned in the business. All partners must agree/sign the agreement presented by R6S to be accepted into the program.
  • Your business must have a revenue of at least $150,000 to apply for the program.
  • Before filling out this application, you will need financial documents including tax returns for the past three years, as well as statements for profit/loss for the past three years.  You will be asked to attach those documents when submitting your application.
Step: 2

R6S performs an Internal Review of the online application that’s been completed and submitted in full. Internal Reviews take about 30 days to complete and consist of reviewing the application submitted and the financial documents provided by the business.

Step: 3

Within 30 days, a notice of acceptance or denial into the program will be sent to you via email. If your business has been denied, a brief summary explaining the denial will be provided in the email. If/when those items are addressed, please apply again.

Step: 4

Once a business is accepted, a notice will be sent via email explaining next steps, such as a time and place to meet for the Walkthrough. Walkthroughs of the business are a requirement of the R6S Accelerator program.

Step: 5

The Initial Walkthrough allows for discussion of the following topics, which helps R6S fully grasp the internal workings of the business regarding:

  • Current operations
  • Various roles of partners and employees from managers to sales and customer service
  • Finances: operating expenses to revenue generation
  • Competitors in the market
Step: 6

After the Initial Walkthrough has been completed, R6S will send you an offer letter via email outlining the areas within your business that R6S can accelerate and the terms of the agreement.

Step: 7

Once accepted into the program, R6S and your business will then execute on the plan outlined in the offer letter starting on day 1.

As a member of the R6S Accelerator you will also have access to a Peer Advisory Group and Accountability Meetings

In our Accelerator program, R6S is here to act as a guide–a trusted source that empowers your business to make change, so you and your team tackle the ever-shifting terrain of the economy with gusto. We’ve designed the R6S Accelerator program to reveal issues that warrant revision.