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Instagram Growth Hacks for Realtors


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Led by serial entrepreneur and social media influencer, Ash Sobhe, this particular class is best for realtors in Reno/Sparks area; but the teachings can be applied to almost every business – as long as you replace “real estate” with your business and “Reno/Sparks” with your ideal customers’ geographical area. This class focuses on how to use social media to create relationships and attract customers to buy from you. This class also includes a one hour private session with Ash to personally assist your with your social media marketing strategy.

We provide online classes so it is convenient for you to learn and grow. Our platform is compatible with both computers and phones, you can learn where is most comfortable for you. We bring you the best strategies, at the lowest cost, in the easiest ways possible. Take advantage of this.

Virtual meetings are the new way to have ‘face-to-face’ meetings. By purchasing ‘Social Media Master’, it allows you to have a 1-hour long meeting with Ash and pick his brain and knowledge about your business and social media marketing strategies, particularly, for your own line of work and accelerate your path towards your goal.

One on One Mentorship


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Ash has a decade and a half experience working with the biggest brands in the world such as Lamborghini, Porsche, UCLA, StateFarm. He has had many successes but more importantly he has also had many failures. You want your mentor to keep you away from the mistakes (s)he has made. This makes Ash Sobhe the best guide in the business world in the regional area. Imagine his knowledge and experience behind your goals. What can you two do together? Book him for a private session and add yourself to the long list of happy souls that have benefited from Ash Sobhe’s teachings. He is so confident in himself and believe in divine meetings that he is willing to offer a 100% money back guarantee if you two were not meant to be.

Do you need someone to lead and teach your social media team but maybe not on a full-time basis? Ash will come to your office and teach your team techniques and tools that they can use to better reach your customers.
Did you recently start your business or maybe you need one on one attention to help build out your social media presence? Ash will meet with you and provide strategies that will help you.
We teach tactical action items that you can incorporate into your business right away.

Let’s be honest – social media marketing is a necessity nowadays and whether you are a sales executive or business owner it’s important you know how to use such a powerful tool. When used properly, social media is a great way to reach your customers and clients. Many of us are not using social media as a tool – education is key here! Results will be based on your knowledge and how much time you are willing to put into your social media accounts. Social marketing takes time and a lot of work – it takes time to listen and to respond. Keep in mind – it’s social (I mean it says it in the name, social media). Creating relationships takes an investment and certain type of skill. Don’t miss out, learn those skills today!


If you have any questions with regards to our courses or one on one mentorship, please email hello@r6s.com

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