R6S is led by entrepreneur and creative business leader, Ash Sobhe. He is a master marketer who grew his digital marketing firm into a million-dollar business at the young age of 26. Throughout his career, he has sold over 2 billion dollars of his client’s services and products. Ash and his team at R6S plan to further the success of local businesses and nonprofits by propelling their individual visions into the stratosphere.

Re-invent and re-establish your business’ objectives by learning from someone who can see the future today. The team at R6S offers techniques that are efficient, effective, and in-line with cutting edge use of technology.

If you are looking to transform your company, R6S has the knowledge and business acumen to peek inside the workings of your business and define the issues that are holding you back. The R6S team will create a strategy that can easily be executed–one that will impact your bottom line.

Ash has a depth of perspective and vision that are rarely found in this world. His life has held some significant challenges, so he knows how to get through the gravel and find the glass pieces that shine brightly in the light of your brand, business, or organization.

How We Began

“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step
beyond their greatest failure.” —Napoleon Hill


At age 12 Ash had his first client who paid him to fix an HTML website. He began to hone his skills for IT and coding.


Ash and his family moved back to the US – New York City. His father had studied at USC and received a PhD. He convinced the family to move from NY to CA.


Ash and his family moved to California where Ash attended Beverly Hills High School.


Ash founded his first marketing company out of the back office of his father’s rug store. He realized that technology was changing – companies needed to transition quickly. Due to this understanding his first tech company was born. Often charged with handling IT and complex system engineering duties for many nonprofit organizations, his frequent title as IT Chair became the inspiration for the name ITC.


At the height of the financial meltdown, ITC continued to double its revenue every year through superior client-relations and forward-thinking strategies.


Ash was found to have 3 lesions on his brain after experiencing multiple health related issues. This changed his perspective about life, and he decided to dedicate the remainder of his life serving people and his community to the best of his abilities. He launched his new company with this mission in mind – R6S (our success, a collective community success).


Ash moved the company to Calabasas and expanded their business. Lamborghini of North Los Angeles (also in Calabasas) in a join effort with R6S celebrated our company’s grand opening.


Ash and Kristi got married and established a bond that is getting stronger everyday through their love and professional relationship.


R6S was burglarized several times in the new office and important documents, sensitive information, as well as computers were taken. This led to Ash having to completely re-innovate himself and the way he does business to never incur such a pain again.


After many years in the hustle and bustle of a big city like Los Angeles, Ash and Kristi wanted to find a community that offered a good work/life balance where they could raise their daughter, Klaire (born in 2018). With Kristi’s grandparents having lived in Reno, the Sobhe family decided that Reno was that community for them. This was a hard and exhausting move. Having to reestablish relationships all over again, in an entirely new environment was no easy task. But through hard work, and thanks to the incredibly kind people of Reno, NV, Ash and Kristi have been welcomed into the community with open arms. Ash started by having 5-10 meetings per day on average with the members of the community. Before we knew it, Ash had met with 750+ people face to face. That in conjunction with spending many hours connecting with other locals via social media led the Reno community to get to know Ash and his family.


R6S Accelerator was born to accept a handful of companies into our portfolio per year with a focus on 3M’s: Marketing, Mentorship, Money. R6S DocuSeries also begun in January of 2020 as a weekly show on YouTube and other social media platforms. R6S Podcast was launched, as well as R6S School – to help educate the business executives and aspiring entrepreneurs.