Option 1: You can purchase new custom-private devices from us like a private computer, phone, GPS, internet, key-locked hard drive, jammer-bag…
OR Option 2: you can hire us to help you secure your existing devices, like iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, WiFi, etc. 

For a long time we have acted as if we are all safe online without having to do anything. But truth is, just like in real life at some point in our civilization we realized we ought to put a door on our house, instead of having an open entry. Then we realized we should probably also put a lock on there so not everyone could just come in at will. Now, we have to do the same, digitally.
Put a lock on your digital doors.

At R6S, we want to be transparent and upfront about our approach to privacy and security. Here’s what you should know before partnering with us:

1. Collaboration with the Community

  • We don’t create or develop everything we recommend – instead, we focus on open-source options that allow us (and other experts) to examine the underlying code and ensure safety/security.
  • Working together with a global network of security/privacy professionals keeps things up-to-date and improving constantly.
  • Although we carefully vet gear and chip in to open-source initiatives ourselves, there’s a broader history of folks doing similar work before us. Corporations sometimes mislead and aren’t as dependable as peer reviews/inspections. Open-source is more reliable since everyone has equal opportunity to verify integrity.

2. The Power of Collective Innovation

  • Our journey towards enhanced privacy starts by creating solutions for ourselves.
  • We share these solutions with the world and invite feedback from people globally.
  • Through this collaborative effort, individuals from diverse backgrounds contribute to refining and improving the code.
  • As others build upon this foundation, the result is a robust combination of hardware and software that evolves with collective knowledge and expertise.

3. Rigorous Inspection and Approval

  • Rest assured, the solutions we present to you are the result of thorough inspections and testing.
  • We carefully assess and verify the hardware and software components before incorporating them into our offerings.
  • Our stamp of approval signifies that these solutions meet our high standards for privacy and security.

At R6S, our role is to curate and bring together the best privacy solutions available, backed by a global community of experts. We are committed to safeguarding your digital life with cutting-edge technologies and continuous advancements. Your privacy is our priority, and we are here to guide you toward a safer online experience.

Partner with us today and take control of your digital privacy with confidence!

R6S Private Phone

Private Phone

We have done thousands of hours of research as a team and have put together a recipe that we use ourselves for our own privacy. What we recommend to our own family members is what we recommend to you.

We call our private phones X. X is built with an open-source operating system installed on a cleanly wiped device. X is customized and optimized for improved security and privacy out of the box.

R6S Private Laptop

Private Laptop

We wanted to build a laptop that we could do everything we would normally do, but just privately. We spent years testing and building on top of what we could find as the best solutions available. We are proud to have something we all use internally daily as our main laptops and it virtually has no shortcomings even for power users like us.

We call our private laptops Y. Y is built with an open-source operating system installed on a cleanly wiped device. Y is simple to use, customized and optimized for improved security and privacy out of the box.

R6S Private Internet & WiFi

Private Internet and WiFi

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Your Current Internet Isn’t Safe Enough…

  • Your browsing history, location data, and personal details are being collected and sold to third parties by ISPs, phone companies, and search engines.
  • Government agencies can legally monitor your online activities without a warrant.
  • Hackers may be watching your online activity through public Wi-Fi connections, like a hotel or Starbucks.

Fear not, R6S has the Solution!

#1)  Mobile Internet Solution:

#2)  Option 2: Secure Your Home and Office Networks:

Upgrade now and safeguard your digital life with R6S!

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Mac or Windows? Neither!

Did you know you could throw your Mac and Windows away and instead use a custom private Linux and you would never know the difference? Upgrade today!

iPhone or Android? Neither!

It is obvious that iPhones and Androids both listen to you and spy on you. Did you know you have a third option? A private custom made modern AOSP phone.

Your Phone Company Spies!

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Spectrum, Charter, Comcast, Dish, Cox, and all the others spy on us, collect our data, and sell it or use it against us. We can outsmart them.

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