Windows & Mac + iPhones & Androids Spy On You!

… continued:

First off, consider this: According to Forbes, “Microsoft was fined $5 billion in 2020 for anticompetitive conduct involving its Windows operating systems software.” Similarly, Apple received a fine of €118 million (approximately US$136 million) in France for allegedly abusing its dominant position in relation to its App Store. These fines alone demonstrate the gravity of the situation and the potential repercussions for mishandling consumer data.

Moreover, The Washington Post revealed that Facebook paid “$5 billion in settlements related to various scandals,” including “accusations of sharing user data with advertisers and app developers without permission.” Clearly, even social media behemoths aren’t immune to punishment for compromising user privacy.

Now, imagine if these incidents involved your own personal device. Wouldn’t you want to know if your company was secretly tracking your online activity or selling your browsing history to third parties without your knowledge or approval? Unfortunately, some manufacturers engage in these very practices.

That’s where R6S steps in. By choosing our devices, you can rest assured that your data remains yours and yours alone. No one else can access it without your explicit consent. You won’t find unwanted programs or services running behind the scenes, nor will you encounter unexpected pop-ups or targeted ads based on your internet habits. Instead, you receive an open source, transparent environment tailored to your needs while safeguarding your confidential information.

The risks associated with utilizing mainstream products may seem negligible initially but carry significant long-term implications. Choosing private devices ensures greater privacy and security for your digital assets while promoting ethical business practices. Trust us to keep your sensitive details under lock and key. After all, your privacy is yours, not for someone else to exploit.

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